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General Rules MUST READ

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General Rules MUST READ Empty General Rules MUST READ

Post by StormShadow on Thu May 09, 2013 10:37 am

General Rules:

1. Do not join with multiple accounts. You are allowed to have an unlimited amount of characters on your account.

2. Rudeness or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated NOT WHAT SO EVER. Hateful or bashing comments directed at another Role Player, council member, or mod particularly those dealing with gender, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin, even between RP characters will result in a week ban from the site 2nd time is a perm ban so just Respect other members.

3. Offensive or profane usernames are forbidden.

4. Be active. There will be random Activity checks. The Activity checks will be done at completely random times if we check and see that you been offline for a week we will pm you. If we check again and its been a week or two later your account will be deleted

5. Do not try to kill anyones characters without there permission. If you try to all of the comments from beginning to the last post will be voided by the Moderators, The Rain Pack Council, or the alpha

6. Advertising or spam anywhere on the site (this includes the chatbox and your signature) is forbidden. If you want your site to be seen please ask the owner or one of the Admins to become Affiliates.

7. The Rules will often change or be updated. We will inform members when this if it happens.

8. We expect you to be able to post at least once a week on the site. Post more if you can, of course. If you are going to be away for some time, please let a council member know so we can so that we can excuse you from the random activity checks.


10. Proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar is required for posts in character. Make sure your reply meets the posting limit.

11. The minimum you can post in a reply is 35 words (per each character).  We encourage you post more than this.

12. As a member of The Hidden Rain Pack, you agree to respect everyone that you will meet or already know, even if they are a guest or a lower rank then you.

13. Do not spam. You can edit your previous post if you wish.
14. You must fill out the character info sheet and wait for it to be approved before doing any roleplay

15) Profanity is allowed in posts (hell, piss, crap and damn) , but don’t take it to the extreme (ex. shit, fuck, motherfucker, cocksucker etc etc..) If caught over-doing it, you will get a warning.

16) When you sign up, if you have not already, the first thing you should do is change your username to the name of your character. So, your username should not be ThE EpIc OnE 11528 if your characters name is DarkStar.

17) Respect the pack rules .

18) No Humans or shifters. Just Wolves!

19) In all character posts must contain a field that says "Wolves Addressed" with the names of the character (s) your character has interacted with, even if your character has not interacted with another, in which case, put "N/A" or "none". Same for "Wolves Mentioned" If your character (s) said anything about another character or a group of characters you will add that there, if your character has not said anything about another character (s), Then in which case, put N/A or None. This next thing you will use a lot but is not required to have in every post. "Moving To" is use when your character (s) are moving from one form to another form.

20) Please do not flood the joining board with characters. We ask that you create new characters and be patient.

**Mating Seasons- Keep things PG-13 in the forms. If you want to mate in detail PM each other. Detailed mating in forms will be a warning and a week banned from the site the first time, The  2nd time will be a warning and a 2 week band from the site, and the 3rd time will be a permanent ban from the site.**

-In Character (IC):

-If you happen to know any plot secrets/plans etc from OOC conversation, your character does not. If you have read the rules please put the word 'Balling' in the bio line titled "Secret Password on the Rules".

-Be realistic, your character cannot be in two places at once. Use another character.
Use "..." when or when your character is speaking and italics for when they are thinking. Bold can be used for shouting or simply for emphasis. Use may use a different color for dialogue.

Remember, you are a wolf. Wolves cannot do back flips or pick things up with their paws. Be realistic.
Third person. Use it when Roleplaying.

-Out of Character (OOC):

-Do NOT speak OOC in the Roleplay forum. You may speak OOC in the chatbox, off-topic forum or PM.
-Be respectful and behave. Thank you!

***If you have any questions, confusion or doubts please PM A council member, or mod and we will gladly discuss them.***
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