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StormShadow Empty StormShadow

Post by StormShadow on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:48 pm

Wolfs Name:StormShadow
Wolfs Nickname(s): Storm, or Shadow
Wolfs Age: 2 years
Wolfs Gender: Male  
Rank Desired: Alpha (Admin, The Rain Pack Council lead)
Appearance of Wolf: StormShadow Pizap_11 
Coat: Stormshadow's coat is very soft and can be washed off with ease. durning the summer his coat is short but all the other sessions his coat is long.
Fur Color: StormShadow is a white and gray wolf. He has Greenish Yellow tribe marking on his tail, arms, face. He has a greenish yellow eye on his left side
Eye Color: His eyes are greenish yellow.
Personality: StormShadow is strong and strong minded. He dose not let anyone influence his judgement.  He can be over protective sometimes. Its a natural thing for him to try and protect his loved one. He will help anyone who needs help. Thats him naturally. He is naturally helpful. He mainly happy but can get hot headed at times but can cool himself down. When he fells himself geting mad he thinks about something good to calm himself down. He will go hunting later to releave the build up rage. StormShadow is the type of wolf where if he is mad we will not take it out on no wolf. StormShadow is trustworthy. He can be told anything and if that wolf asked him not to tell anyone he will never tell anyone. Even if that wolf said "You can tell anyone you want" He will still not tell anyone.  History of your Wolf: StormShadow was known as "storm the alpha" He was the alpha male for his pack but hunters came and killed everyone. StormShadow is the only survivor barely surviving with his life. All wolfs where color coordinated by rank naturally. This particular color {Greenish-yellow} meant he is the alpha male. The alpha female had the same color too. His mother died in a fire and his father died trying to save a cub that was about to fall down a huge waterfall. StormShadow's younger brothers and sisters where killed by the hunters that night. StormShadow being the wolf he is tried to save everyone by himself but was shot in the shoulder just missing the joint by an inch so he was able to move but not much The wolves died protecting StormShadow.   StormShadow fells that its his fault for what happened that night but is willing to move on. He is looking for a pack to join. He promised himself if he happens to be chosen to be a beta or alpha male he will never let what happened that night happen again. He also promised to himself that he will go down fighting before he lets the pack protect him again.  
Weaknesses of your Wolf: Stormshadow can get mad easy but he able control his rage Strengths of your Wolf: running, Hunting, Helping, Fighting, Finding missing cubs, and or wolfs, and swimming
Talents of your Wolf: Has a good nose and can pick up a sent that farther away then other wolfs can, He a fast runner. He knows there are wolfs faster then him but for the most part he is very fast, and He is a very good problem solver and a person who can brake up a fight and turn it around into something good. General Habits: He tends to go in petrol of the area he is sleeping in 3 times before he even lays down to go to sleep,   Family: All dead Mate: want
Pups: want
Friends: None at the moment looking  
Crush: Looking  
General Activity Level (Scale of 1-10): 7
Secret Password on Rules: -admin edit by stormshadow-
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