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Alythh (Accepted)

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Alythh (Accepted)

Post by Alythh on Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:00 am

Wolfs Name: Alythh
Wolfs Nickname(s): Aly
Wolfs Age: 3 almost 4
Wolfs Gender: Female
Rank Desired: Guardian

Photo of Wolf:[
Build: Alythh is a medium buld with thick muscles running through her body. Her tail its long and thick and her ears are quite large.
coat color: Brown/dark brown/ creamy white.
eye color: Layered green, (see pic)
Wolf's Breed: Mackenzie Valley wolf
Personality: This female prefers to stick to herself only giving you a breath of what she is like. She is a quiet wolf usually only speaking when spoken to. Alythh was the only pup that survived from her litter, so when she grew older and her mother had another litter she took on a special role toward these pups. She cared for them and protected them. She wont have any pups of her own, so she has decided to dedicate her life to protecting her pack. Alythh has much tried to kill all her feelings, emotions. She wishes to never fall for or so much as like a male wolf.

History of your Wolf: Alythh was born in a small pack to the alphas, Reven and Rothho. Reven, her mother, was a gentle calm wolf. She was very loving. Rothho, her father, on the other hand was much more aggressive. He had a wild temper that made most pack mates fear to set him off. Alythh turned out to be her fathers pup after all. She took after him mostly with still a soft side like her mother. When she was age two however she decided she wanted to leave her pack and become a kerl. She left and months later she came upon another wolf. He was large. Much bigger than herself. He was a brute with a black coat and striking yellow eyes. She stopped in her tracks and watched....... Alythh is now three and has a litter of her own pups. Her mate is the black wolf from months back. Raul is his name. Well Alythh has ended up here looking for a new start, she wont tell anyone what happened. If you can get close enough to her heart you just might be able to find out.

Strengths of your Wolf:
Her stocky build makes her a good fighter. Her long thick tail provides extra balance and her large ears make her hearing all the better. Her blood line allows her to be a great long distance runner.
Talents of your Wolf: Alythh is very sneaky. She has a great ability to hide herself and not move a muscle.
Weaknesses of your Wolf: Alythh's biggest weakness is trust.
General Habits: Usually being over cautious.

Crush: None
Mate: None
Pups: None
Friends: None
Mother: Reven
Father: Rothho
Siblings: Fell, Angmar- Brothers   Wisteria- Sister
Other: None

Your Level Of Activity (From 1-10): I might not be on much at first but I hope it will improve. id say a 5 for now. Im terribly sorry for grammar or lack of words. I have not done this in at least 5 years.
Secret Password on the Rules:-admin edit by stormshadow-

Sorry wip for tonight, its late.



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Re: Alythh (Accepted)

Post by StormShadow on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:33 pm

you got the password right you will be accepted when you fill out the following:

History of your Wolf:
Strengths of your Wolf:
Talents of your Wolf:
Weaknesses of your Wolf:
General Habits: 

If you need help you can pm me and i can help set it up with you^^

Thank You 
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The Hidden Rain Pack Lead Council Member

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Re: Alythh (Accepted)

Post by StormShadow on Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:37 am

approvedExclamation Exclamation Exclamation
The Hidden Rain Pack Lead Council Member
The Hidden Rain Pack Lead Council Member

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Re: Alythh (Accepted)

Post by Sponsored content

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