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OOC {out of character}

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OOC {out of character} Empty OOC {out of character}

Post by StormShadow on Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:18 pm

When it comes to the out of character information, we value your privacy as much as you do. We just want to know what you would like us to call you! Your birthday can always be a good thing so that people can possibly make you things or simply so we know why you do not seem to come online during a particular day and give you a Happy Birthday Howl. The location can be anything under your imagination. I have seen people put “in your closet” or “under my bed” for inventive ones. It can be something as broad as south US or Los Angeles. As for your handles, this is just the way we can contact you. As you can tell, we do not make your e-mail public for people to e-mail you, you can give that out as you please or keep it hidden. Your e-mail is an extension of yourself and we know you don’t want to be flooded with nonsense spam. The only person that can see emails is the Lead Council member and he will send email only if he has to spread the word about something thats BIG or if an activity check comes by he will email you to let you know that your name popped up in the activity check Just to make sure you are ok and to let you know that we did not forget about you.. The other information is anything that you want to put in there. It can be your other characters or it can just be a little bit about you. Whatever that you would like
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