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Weather Forecast: Fall fell upon the hidden Rain pack sooner than expected. Each day temperatures inch down lower and lower, but it's still too soon in the season for any strong rain. Nights are comfortable and alive with prey similar to the day. Rain showers and known to hit us this time of year. These showers come and go throughout the days lasting anywhere from a few minutes to hours on end! The territory is returning to it's lush mossy glory as this ideal weather continues to progress.
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The Rain Pack's ranks

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The Rain Pack's ranks  Empty The Rain Pack's ranks

Post by StormShadow on Thu May 09, 2013 7:53 pm

Down below are the ranks, please notice that there is only one lead rank open for every rank, Normally any lead ranks have to be earned, and you will not just receive them because you asked.... But until we fill all the lead ranks we are accepting character for the lead ranks BUT your profile has to be really good and very very detailed. PLEASE NOTE: BETA, AND ALPHA IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE RANK!!! THAT HAS TO BE EARNED YOU DO NOT JUST GET IT BECAUSE YOU ASKED.
In all individual rank Except Elders, Omegas, Youth, And Pups has a “Apprentice” rank. When you join you will be an “Apprentice” to whatever rank you choose. Till the lead fells you are ready to go off on your own then you will get the full rank. For now when you get accepted you will go straight into your full rank. This will change when we get a less one lead and 6 members for each rank.

The Hidden Rain Council
The Hidden rain council are the mods and admin of the site. They have meetings on how to make the site better and what things they think the wolfs {and people} would like to see by talking about the rps and what ever is in the Suggestions tab. They roleplay as well with ranks just like everyone else. The only one who dose not have a rank is the lead council member. The lead council member can take the rank as alpha when need be without removing the current alphas.
Lead Council Member: Stormshadow

The Guardians
The Guardians are needed when the pack is in danger. They help other members by killing coyotes, bears, dears, and elks that can wander to close to the territory. They rarely ever get into fights with other wolves. Guardians work extremely hard to make sure that all of the members respect each other, and to make sure everyone are safe. The Guardians are highly respected in the pack.
Lead Guardian:Open

The Hunters
The Hunters in the pack are one of the strongest wolfs under the Guardian, The Hunters are quiet, very fast (But not as fast as the scouts) and will kill any pray with no hesitation. They have advance knowledge on all kinds of prey, and know when to pick out the weakest and the sickest. Hunters work along side the Guardians in any search and rescue missions
Lead Hunter:Open

The Scouts
The Scouts are some of the fastest wolves of the pack. They are responsible for scouting the borders of the territory and keeping an eye out for strange wolves. If there are trouble in the area, the Scouts will report to the Guardians and or the alphas and the betas directly. They mainly work alongside the Guardians a everyday basis.
Lead Scout:Open

The Medicine Wolves
The Medicine Wolves has Advance knowledge in the art of healing. They know each and every herb,  each and every mixture, and know a cure to almost all illness and all fractures.
Lead Medicine Wolf:Open

The Elders      
The Elders are the all wise ones of the pack. They know everything and anything about almost everything. The Elders where all lead ranks before they became an Elder. (Ex. Alpha, Beta, Lead Medicine Wolves, Lead Scouts, Etc etc you get the point) The Elders are EXTREMELY respected in the pack.  (********NOTE: TO BECOME ONE OF THE ELDERS YOU MUST HAVE 2 COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS FOR THE “History of your Wolf” ON THE CHARACTER INFO SHEET!!!! YOU ALSO MUST HAVE ONE COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH “Strengths of your Wolf”, “Talents of your Wolf” and “Weaknesses of your Wolf” *******)


The Pups are the youngest member in the group, they don't do any work but get to play in the sunshine all day, they are first priority and everyone in the pack looks after them.


Youths are the wolves that are too young to get a rank but too old to be a pup. They help all the the wolves in their duties so they can figure out what they want to train for, when there not helping they can play around and act like pups.

The Omegas
Is the lowest rank in the pack Sad. They are constantly being picked on, yet they are a very important part of the pack. The omega relive tension within the pack. So they help the Guardians in there own special way. Very Happy
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The Hidden Rain Pack Lead Council Member

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